Dear Neighbor, Friend, and Supporter, 

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 Spring is indeed a beautiful time of the year where we are once again reminded how this season brings new life and color back from a dismal winter of darkness. It allows us to recognize the new life and the new opportunities that wait for us to make a difference. As we journey into this new season of great possibilities, let us pause to take time to remember those who are on the same journey, but are blinded by their own personal struggles and are unable to recognize the opportunity that lies ahead.

Here at the Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach we see this new opportunity every day and we reach out and serve those who need a hand up. The Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach has been in our Community for over twenty-three (23) years reaching out to those who are marginalized and in need. Our primary mission is to provide hot nutritious meals for the working poor, our senior citizens, Veterans, children, transients, and the homeless. Last year in 2015 we fed over 109,000 guests who came to us because they were hungry. We serve a hot nutritious breakfast and lunch, five days a week, 52 weeks a year, free of charge.  Our mission is only possible through the generosity of people like yourselves who want to make a difference. We receive no funding from the City of Myrtle Beach, the County or the State, yet we feed all those in the City and surrounding areas that are hungry. As you celebrate this season, please help us to continue in feeding those who are hungry. Make a difference and please donate today.

 Peace and All Good!

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Deacon Peter M. Casamento, M.A.