Dear Neighbor, Friend, and Supporter, 


Happy Easter!

This is indeed a beautiful time of the year where we are once again reminded how this season brings new life. It allows us to recognize the new life and the new opportunities that wait for us to make a difference. As we prepare to celebrate this Easter season and all its great possibilities, let us pause to take time to remember those who are on the same journey, but are blinded by their own personal struggles and are unable to recognize the opportunities that lie ahead.

This year we are celebrating our 25th year in serving the working poor, our senior citizens, Veterans, transients, children, the homeless, and the physically and mentally handicapped.  All of what we do is only possible because of your financial support. We receive NO State, County, or City assistance, yet we feed and clothe all those who come to us.  

Please make a difference and donate today.

Peace, Love, and All Good!

Deacon Peter                    Sean Mazur                 Members of the

Executive Director         Executive Chef             Board of Directors