Children’s Hunger Initiative Program (CHIP)

Our mission simply put is to feed all who are hungry and to eliminate hunger from our Community. The hungry  includes the working poor, families and children, Veterans, senior citizens, transients, homeless, and the physically and mentally challenged. We continue this tradition in welcoming our guests who are from all walks of life.

The Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach also recognizes the impact of childhood hunger in that over 253, 000 children in South Carolina face hunger everyday of their lives. The mere fact that right here in Myrtle Beach that one in every four children face hunger is astounding.

In 2018, we committed to expand our mission to address childhood hunger in providing hot nutritious meals, nutritious after-school snacks, and scheduled dinners, by collaborating with other organizations who are also committed to address the needs of our children. We are currently partnered  with the Phoenix Renaissance of Racepath Community, Myrtle Beach, along with the City of Myrtle Beach Youth Programs, to address and assist the community in providing the basic essentials of nutrition which directly affect the children’s health, education, happiness, and success for the future. 

 As our mission continues to grow so do our needs in terms of financial support and space. Our current kitchen space  has reached its limitations to produce 600 + meals daily for both our General Feeding Program (GFP) and the Children’s Hunger Initiative Program (CHIP).  Our storage space in terms of dry and refrigerated items has also become outgrown. As we continue to develop and execute a plan for the expansion and growth of our CHIP and facilities, we ask for your financial support so that all of us can be a part of making a difference in addressing hunger in our community. 


Your Donations Make a Difference